Royal Hawaiian Factory was created to deliver “ALOHA” to the world through food, hoping to make the most of traditional Hawaiian ingredients using the latest technologies.

Akahai = Kindness
Lokahi = Unity
Olu’olu = Pleasant
Ha’a Ha’a = Humility
Ahonui = Patience

The plumeria and monstera used for the Royal Hawaiian Factory logo mark expresses the wishes of all of our staff, which is to consider the thoughts of each one of you, carrying the thought of "grace" like the plumeria and "a gift to loved ones" like the monstera with Hawaii’s ALOHA.

We aim to deliver our ALOHA filled thoughts to each of our precious customers and help them enjoy our signature items.

Aloha Nui Loa



Royal Hawaiian Chocolat

Our signature Gâteau au Chocolat is made with carefully selected ingredients such as premium macadamia nuts harvested from local farms in Hawaii's mild climate and volcanic soil; and pure Hawaiian honey that is made out of nectar of flowers grown in Hawaii's majestic environment.

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